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Here in Alterra things will work a little differently then many of the things that you know and understand from other systems. I have been working on an original world campaign that incorporates many of the rules and systems of the Palladium™ books. I will be pulling information from Palladium™ Fantasy®, Rifts®, Phaseworlds®. If you are familiar with Palladium™ then playing in Alterra should be no problem for you.

What you can look forward to

Alterra has many interesting things in store for the brave explorer. Whether you born on the planet or somehow found Alterra as your new home, there are going to be a large amount of new and interesting things that you are going to need to get to learn and know. My goal with this wiki is to break it down into manageable segments so that you can read from one section to another as much or as little as your thirst requires.

I will be slowly building this wiki over time as my campaigns become more and more elaborate in this new world. Until then though I would like to lay down what I do know. What I expect from my players. And most importantly… What you can expect to find in Alterra

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